My name is Mike Fiorito and this site is devoted to my book Call Me Guido published by Ovunque Siamo Press.


Call Me Guido is about three family generations as seen through the lens of the Italian-American song tradition. 

Simultaneously confronting and courting Italian-American stereotypes head-on, all of the stories are connected by crooner themes: An uncle who discovers himself by believing he’s Tony Bennett; a son discovering Sinatra’s fragility while driving with his father; Bobby Darin selling his soul to possess the gift of performance; a mother, dark and strong, like the earth itself, teaching her son the meaning of strength; a mobster hired to kill a singer who wouldn’t cow-tow to the mob.  In this collection, there are gamblers and mobsters, but philosophers and poets too. 

As poet Joey Nicoletti (Thundersnow) writes, these are “the stories of relatives, potato farmers, performers, imagined aristocrats, and the ballads they sing.” John Keahy (Seeking Sicily) says, “This collection, in quick bites, informs, entertains, and surprises---a masterpiece of storytelling.” 

Alfonso Colasuonno, cofounder of Beautiful Losers Magazine  writes  “Mike Fiorito navigates his readers through the ethnic twilight of the 21st century Italian-American experience in Call Me Guido, a book that is hilarious, thought-provoking, and poignant in equal measure. Fiorito’s Call Me Guido will be regarded as a seminal work of Italian-American literature.” 


You can purchase Call Me Guido on Amazon. 

A little background on me.

I am currently an Associate Editor for Mad Swirl Magazine.  

My writings have appeared in Ovunque Siamo, Narratively, Mad Swirl, Pif Magazine, Longshot Island, Beautiful Losers, The Honest Ulsterman, Chagrin River Review, The New Engagement and many other publications.  

In 2018, my short story collections, Hallucinating Huxley and Freud's Haberdashery Habit, were published by Alien Buddha Press.  Both are available on Amazon.   

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